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Location :  Sopot (PL)
Status :  completed
Area :  102 m2
Scope :  interior | naming | identity | 
︎ :  Tom Kurek


Artisan tarts as a healthy alternative to fast foods.

Located in Sopot’s newly build train station/shopping mall, Tarttoria was designed to stand out as far as design and food on the menu goes. Surrounded by fast food joints this spot offers a healthy alternative to burgers‘n’fries — sweet and savoury tarts! Freshly baked, right in front of your eyes. Whether you have a layover or are in a hurry to catch a train, customers have an option to eat-in or take-away. 
Simple, fresh, quality ingredients are key to bake a perfect tart. The interior material scheme reflects the same philosophy. Natural warm oak combined with powder coated mat steel, white and black tiles, bespoke handmade ceramic details, meticulously composed terrazo — without any unnecessary additives.

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