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Our name derives from the Latin word   accūrātus   which means ‘precise, meticulous, done with care’. We are passionate about what we do, and feel these words best describe us, our body of work, and overall approach to the design process.

We are a modest, offbeat design practice based in Gdańsk (Poland), founded in 2016 by colleagues and fellow architects Maciej Ryniewicz and Rafał Kaletowski. Akurat operates freely across various media, scales, and fields ranging from furniture, interior, architecture to graphic design and branding. This holistic approach results in outcomes that are original, context specific, often surprising but never random. We choose to work with people that share our values and who trust in design’s ability to make an impact on multiple levels. Recognizing the potential to learn and evolve that comes with each new case we remain always curious. We tend to ask a lot of questions to understand the task at hand, and strive to create thoughtfully crafted, functional and memorable work that engages, inspires, and stands the test of time.


Maciej Ryniewicz
    Creative Director | Founder

Faculty of Architecture graduate from Gdańsk University of Technology, he is also a self-taught graphic designer and interior architect. An ambitious individual, he is his own worst critic. The conviction that you should question everything in order to never become too complacent is his ultimate source of motivation and helps him reach distinctive and optimal solutions to various design problems. Maciej believes that ‘style’ doesn’t necessarily have to be purely aesthetic-related, but can also be manifested in an approach and manner of doing things.

︎: m.ryniewicz@akurat.studio

Rafał Kaletowski
    Lead Architect | Co—Founder

A man of few words, Rafał doesn't tolerate half measures. Perseverant, determined, inquisitive. Architecture has always been part of his life, ever since as a youngster he would accompany his father at his studio. Now, a strong believer in hard work and dedication, he remains involved in every phase of project development - from initial concept to implementation. In his eyes, only this level of commitment guarantees that the final design is executed exactly as intended. Rafał also graduated from Gdańsk University of Technology.

︎: r.kaletowski@akurat.studio


Jakub Bartos
    Junior Architect | Skater

Jakub is a humble, hardworking individual. Always looking on the bright side of things, he is a problem solver. When faced with a challenging task, his thoughts tend to revolve around it until he finds a solution both optimal and non-obvious. Perceptively observing his surroundings, busy city life has been a constant source of inspiration since his adolescent years, when he would travel across Europe on his skateboard. This was also when he would stumble upon his passion for architecture. Now, as a matured designer with a broader perspective, he values design in the spirit of sustainable development in harmony with ecology.

Kuba is Ⓐ team member since 2020.
Job applications or internships:

︎: work@akurat.studio

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We don’t like to confine ourselves in our work. We tend to keep an open mind and want to constantly evolve and try new things. If you happen to enjoy our work but aren’t sure whether we can help you or your business please don’t hesitate to ︎ or ︎ us, because no project is too small and no idea is too big. Let’s talk and see if we can collaborate.