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Location :  Gdynia (PL)
Status :  completed
Area :  214 m2
Scope :  interior | naming | identity |
︎ :  Tom Kurek


At Serio pizza means serious business.

One thing you should know is that we love pizza, so naturally when we were approached to design a restaurant serving Neapolitan style pizza as their core dish, we felt giddy. Our excitement only grew when later we had learned just how serious the owners’ approach towards this traditional Italian dish was. Our task was to create a friendly, casual dining experience. A meeting place where everyone should feel comfortable: couples, families, teens, grannies, hipsters, and suits. The venue is a large, open space with tons of natural light. We wanted to achieve a cozy atmosphere but felt dividing this space would be a crime, so we decided to introduce a large variety of seating options: common tables, seats at the pizza bar, a large round table, banquet booth, tall window seats... everyone will find their favorite spot to grab a slice!

Straight Outta Naples

At Serio’s doorstep guests are greeted by a yellow giant - Steve.
Steve got his nickname after his maker Stefano Ferrara, a 3rd generation craftsman who cultivates his family tradition of building authentic Neapolitan pizza ovens. Built brick by brick, just the way it was done back in the days. Thanks to their expierience, passion, care, and attention to detail these ovens are unique pieces of Neapolitan craftsmanship, appreciated all over the world.
The best oven? Check. Type 00 wheat flour? Check. San Marzano tomatoes? Check. Mozzarella di bufala from Campania? Check. Seasoned oak wood? Check.
Now, all we need is a match!

Thanks for watching!