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Client :  Rondo
Market :  global
Status :  implemented
Scope :  identity | branding | art direction |
︎Constantine Gerlach | Marek Ogień |
︎ :  rondo.cc


The future is beyond the tarmac.

Rondo is a rapidly evolving bicycle brand started by people who live, breathe, and sleep two wheels. Having over 15 years of experience in the industry, they wanted to change the way drop bar bikes are perceived by roadies and mountain bikers, by creating a high-end product that could bridge the gap between tarmac and gravel enthusiasts. Our task was to create a modern, minimal, bold visual identity. One that would complement rather than dominate their visually appealing bikes and help the brand break apart from the pack of generic ‘sporty’ brands present on the market right from the get-go. ︎ — Gold and Start-up Award for the ‘RUUT CF1’ at Eurobike 2017.︎ — The ‘HVRT CFO’ recieved Bike Of The Year 2019 award according to BikeRadar and Cycling Plus magazines. It’s hard to imagine a better start so keep your eyes peeled because it seems Rondo is about to cause some commotion in the world of two wheels!

Thanks for watching!