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Location :  Sopot (PL)
Status :  completed
Area :  132 m2
Scope :  interior | naming | identity |
︎ :  Tom Kurek


Crudo’s interior may be a bit raw but the food is well done.

Crudo (spanish for ‘raw’) is a modern stakehouse. Located in the heart of Sopot, on it’s famous Monte Cassino promenade, the interior is entirely visible to crowds of passersby through large fixed windows. Highest quality ingriedients, meat sourced from local butchers, ‘nose to tail’ philosophy, large lava stone grills make this a true meat lovers paradise.
Our task was to create a classy space. Elegant but not to stiff at the same time. A place perfect for a quick lunch on a sunny day or a late romantic dinner. The juxtaposition of exposed concrete walls, handmade cement tiles, raw steel with natural warmth of oak wood, tanned leather and subtle brass details helped us achieve this goal.


Thanks for watching!